day 3280

November 2, 2015
day 3280
it’s hard not to think,
of that wooded “diverged path”,
where it may have led

day 3222

April 15, 2015
day 3222
 again, reminded –
say “I love YOU”, give more hugs –
because time is short

day 3088, and a response

May 28, 2014
day 3088
feeling a little
rudderless; needing the stars
to show me the way


And not long after this haiku, my brother Kyle responded with a reference to this haiku and Day 3085:

Put your rudder down
and follow the birds and do
whatever they do.

Day 3019

February 5, 2014
Day 3019
couldn’t help wonder
what had brought each man, woman
to this time and place

day 3000a/b

January 13, 2014
Day 3000a
I look for patterns
and the coincidences
that describe my life
Day 3000b
So, I deleted
those old texts, but the next day,
there you were again
= = = = =
Here is the first haiku, from November 2002 –

day 1  (11-9-02)

the sky goes slate grey

what weather comes for this night?

leaves leave the trees quick.

Day 2989

December 20, 2013
Day 2989
letting go is hard.
that’s what I’ve learned these two years;
I’ve got to move on.

Day 2974

November 15, 2013
Day 2974
think about what’s planned,
and what’s wanted – the dif’rence
between those two things