day 3284

November 8, 2015
day 3284
didn’t realize
even just hearing her name
said aloud would sting

day 3282/day 3283

November 6, 2015
day 3282
you know the wind’s there,
not because you can see it;
you see its effect
day 3283
sometimes, I wonder
what I’m missing, and was I
always missing it?

day 3130

August 15, 2014
day 3130
it’s strange, the triggers
that may remind me of days
long since behind me

Day 2977, Day 2978a/b

November 26, 2013
Day 2977
trail’s close to frozen –
hard beneath my feet – but miles,
still fall behind me
= = = = = =
Day 2978a
where the river slowed,
the ice began appearing,
creeping from the shore
Day 2978b
though it didn’t last,
I will always be thankful
for the years we had


Day 2465

October 11, 2011

Day 2465
for the past three years,
today meant something to me,
but now, not so much

day 2187

October 17, 2010


day 2187

she curled up to me,

as I sat reading comics –

nightly ritual