Day 2940

September 14, 2013

Day 2940
the wheels spun so fast,
gripped the handlebars tightly,
headed for the turn

and for the inspiration, look here…



Day 2938a/b

September 11, 2013
Day 2938a
the scent of apples –
fallen alongside, and on,
the wooded bike path
Day 2938b
trail-ride life lessons:
come strong out of the corners;
pedal more, brake less

Day 2527

December 22, 2011
Day 2527
as with my biking
I’m trying to “see the line”
through these challenges

day 1956

September 30, 2009

day 1956
yesterday’s bike-ride
had quite a simple mantra:
brake less, pedal more

day 1950

September 22, 2009

day 1950
though the trail was straight,
it’s angle across the hill
had my heart pounding

day 1933

August 26, 2009

day 1933
I just kept ped’ling
and the hill, slowly, became
smaller and smaller

day 1924a/b

August 10, 2009

day 1924a
we watched the people
as they streamed by, in all shapes,
sizes and colors

day 1924b
been a few days now,
since my last bike ride, gotta
get in the saddle