day 3109

July 9, 2014
day 3109
walking down the street,
we heard a Jackson Five song
from someone’s attic.

Day 2818

March 14, 2013
Day 2818
I know how songs move
me, and so want to write one
and feel its power

Day 2808

February 26, 2013

Day 2808
beneath the solo
an aural undercurrent
of paper rustling

day 2431

September 3, 2011


Day 2431
We leaned in closer,
to have a conversation
despite the band’s volume

day 1939

September 2, 2009

day 1939
I put on headphones,
start the music, my hands move –
inspired by beats

day 1878

June 10, 2009

day 1878
from the other room,
music drifted in, taking
our minds someplace else

day 1831

April 4, 2009

day 1831
she seemed a bit shy;
Jim and I said, “You should smile;
you have a good smile.”

all his energy –
from arm, to mallet, to gong –
I felt in my chest