day 3096

June 11, 2014

day 3096
she wrote a haiku,
as in the past, it was nice,
and made me think back


day 3024/day 3023

February 12, 2014
Day 3024
I’m nearly three years –
one girlfriend, and some dates – past;
I still miss Rachel
Day 3023
I lowered myself,
felt the muscles pull and stretch,
my breath quickening

Day 3016

February 1, 2014
Day 3016
Rachel and I talked;
outside, I saw cars sliding,
unable to stop

Day 2961/day 2960

October 21, 2013
Day 2960
two officers ran
down the steps to their squad-car,
and lit the cherries.
– – – – –
Day 2961
at the small table,
with daylight diminishing,
it seemed a symbol

Day 2935

September 7, 2013
Day 2935
we reached a milestone –
after breakfast and a walk,
“May I make a pic?”

Day 2910a/b

July 28, 2013
Day 2910a
beneath clouds, beside
the river, I was exposed
and it felt alright
day 2910b
burgers and nachos,
her saying, “when I look back
I see the red flags.”

Day 2909

July 27, 2013
Day 2909
we talked easily
and covered many topics;
it’s getting normal.