Day 2853

May 15, 2013
Day 2853
while she held a book
in front of her eyes, her walk
seemed secondary

Day 2714

September 6, 2012
Day 2714
through my memories
through the book I was reading
I was transported

Day 2452, and a short PSA

September 27, 2011
Day 2452
listened, corrected
encouraged her as she read
from the children’s book
– – – – – –
Literacy Services of WI is in serious need of English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors. Please consider sharing 90 minutes a week with someone learning to speak/read English. I volunteer there weekly in their Adult Basic Education (ABE) program. I work with one student, a 20-something woman. We are now beginning to work on words that have more than one syllable.
This haiku was inspired by last night, when I agreed to stay for a second tutoring session, as LSW had a lot of ESL students, but were short on tutors. Again, please consider tutoring at Literacy Services of WI.

day 1790/1792/1793/1794

February 17, 2009

day 1790
I finished my lunch,
pulled on a pull-over, and
sat back down to work

day 1792
there’s so much I want
to read, to digest, ponder –
I’ll never finish

day 1793
while the dentist looked
at my teeth, the hygienist
looked at wedding pics

day 1794
though the speed limit
is twenty-five, why can’t they
at least drive thirty??