day 3173

December 5, 2014
day 3173

it’s been many months

since we last spoke, yet my thoughts
turn to you often

day 3171

December 2, 2014
day 3171
one moment, our eyes
made contact; not long after,
our lips also met

day 3150

October 10, 2014

day 3150
don’t want to forget
how the lake shimmered that night
with moonlight raining

day 3149

October 6, 2014

day 3149
like so many boons,
her arrival surprised me;
the staying – too brief.

day 3112

July 16, 2014
day 3112
watched them walk away
no umbrella as rain fell –
happy – holding hands
through the tree’s cover,
from leaf to leaf, the raindrops,
found their way to us

Day 3043

March 13, 2014
Day 3043
we sat down to sup,
and the first statement she made
changed the evening’s arc

Day 2881

June 21, 2013
Day 2881
I turned, said, “I’ve a
semi-serious question 
I have to ask you.”