day 3433/day 3434/day 3435

April 13, 2017
day 3435
the alarm clock went off,
heard the rain outside and thought
“I’ll skip today’s run”
day 3434
I started to read,
my eyes quickly glazed over;
you know it’s tax time
day 3433
through the construction,
feeling the wind shove the car,
minding the lane lines

day 3409

January 25, 2017
day 3409
I approached the turn,
arms swinging faster, breathing
more and more quickly

day 3326/day 3325

April 5, 2016
day 3325
avoided puddles
as best I could, still soaking,
muddying my feet
day 3326
as ever, running
isn’t something I’m good at,
but is good for me

day 3316/day 3317

February 22, 2016

day 3316
the time when I run,
is when my my thoughts can settle,
and new ones begin

day 3317
constantly looking
at the trail, avoiding rocks,
finding the best line

day 3308

January 11, 2016

day 3308
I sat there thinking
about a challenge months hence,
and the miles between

day 3279

November 1, 2015
day 3279
couldn’t help being
a bit envious of them –
the passing runners

day 3181

December 23, 2014
day 3181
when I’m trail-running,
seems about the only time
my head is on straight