day 3437

April 19, 2017
day 3437
seeing those tendrils
hanging down from gray-blue clouds,
and smelling the rain

day 3099

June 17, 2014
day 3099
beneath the window,
I laid in bed, listening
to the storm outside

Day 2975

November 17, 2013
Day 2975
the landscape I knew
was obscured by the storm clouds,
and thus was transformed

day 2948a/b

September 28, 2013
Day 2948a
I can hear the rain,
running over the eaves’ edge,
thrumming on the ground
day 2948b
a warm night’s breeze blows
dried leaves across the known road,
though in the dark, strange

Day 2629

May 4, 2012

Day 2629

we walked arm-in-arm
from the hilltop, watched lightning
out over the lake

day 2400a/b, and other people’s haikus too

July 28, 2011
Today marks the “official” two-thousand-four-hundredth day of writing haikus for me. I began writing haikus in November 2002. So, it’s taken me a while to get to Day 2400, but here it is; enjoy!
Day 2400a
at the Roman Coin,
rain lightly falling outside,
we talked ’bout art, life
– – – – – –
Day 2400b
lightning from the storm
illuminated my room,
and I thought of Rach