day 3326/day 3325

April 5, 2016
day 3325
avoided puddles
as best I could, still soaking,
muddying my feet
day 3326
as ever, running
isn’t something I’m good at,
but is good for me

day 3297

December 9, 2015
day 3297
I could feel the woods
in the breeze, the sounds, and each
step on the dirt path

day 3290

November 15, 2015
day 3290
it felt real darn good
to get on the trail again –
sunshine and footfalls

day 3260

August 12, 2015

day 3260
after a snooze (two),
I got up – put on shorts, shirt, shoes,
and took to the trail

day 3258

July 30, 2015
day 3258
as I ran, I looked
at the trail, all the dry cracks,
knew it needed rain

day 3253/day 3254

July 19, 2015
day 3254
eight and half hours
of time on the trail got me
a big humble-brag
(yesterday, I ran my first ever 50-kilometer trail run! Some pics HERE)
day 3253
left my apartment,
feeling the temperature
change as I climbed up

day 3251

July 14, 2015

day 3251
try to stay present,
and focus on the trail now;
the raceday will come