day 3440

April 26, 2017
day 3440
though the day started
with brilliant sun, clear skies
were not gonna last

day 3437

April 19, 2017
day 3437
seeing those tendrils
hanging down from gray-blue clouds,
and smelling the rain

day 3417

March 1, 2017
day 3417
for a few nights now,
falling asleep to the sound
of the falling rain

day 3282/day 3283

November 6, 2015
day 3282
you know the wind’s there,
not because you can see it;
you see its effect
day 3283
sometimes, I wonder
what I’m missing, and was I
always missing it?

day 3275

October 19, 2015

day 3275
in the headlights’ beams,
withered leaves skittered on by,
blown by morning winds

day 3268

September 8, 2015

day 3268
I stood still, straining,
then I could hear it – the rain –
falling through the trees

day 3182

December 31, 2014
day 3182
she walked through the door,
and the outside air crept in –
giving me a chill