day 3282/day 3283

November 6, 2015
day 3282
you know the wind’s there,
not because you can see it;
you see its effect
day 3283
sometimes, I wonder
what I’m missing, and was I
always missing it?

day 3275

October 19, 2015

day 3275
in the headlights’ beams,
withered leaves skittered on by,
blown by morning winds

day 3268

September 8, 2015

day 3268
I stood still, straining,
then I could hear it – the rain –
falling through the trees

day 3182

December 31, 2014
day 3182
she walked through the door,
and the outside air crept in –
giving me a chill

day 3164

November 11, 2014
day 3164
in the bus’ wake,
ripples on a dark puddle,
and inspiration

day 3160

October 31, 2014

day 3160
the wind shook the car;
leaves cart-wheeling ‘cross the street;
funereal clouds

day 3152/day 3153/day 3154

October 21, 2014

day 3152
I looked at the list,
kept thinking I could manage,
I could get it done


day 3153
I looked to the north,
and the clouds marching my way
were most ominous


day 3154
a trigger was pulled,
memories revisited,
and wounds reopened