Day 2489

November 6, 2011
Day 2489
at the reception:
Woody Allen, Lumberjack,
and The Ornament

day 2182

October 11, 2010

day 2182

on a sunny day

like today, but two years past,

Rachel and I wed

day 1923/day 1922

August 7, 2009

day 1923
Rach left work early;
we had a light lunch and changed
clothes for the wedding

day 1922

today’s fruit servings:

watermelon, banana,

and a nectarine

day 1790/1792/1793/1794

February 17, 2009

day 1790
I finished my lunch,
pulled on a pull-over, and
sat back down to work

day 1792
there’s so much I want
to read, to digest, ponder –
I’ll never finish

day 1793
while the dentist looked
at my teeth, the hygienist
looked at wedding pics

day 1794
though the speed limit
is twenty-five, why can’t they
at least drive thirty??