day 3473/day 3474

October 17, 2017
day 3474
sat at the stoplight,
watching the wind’s evidence
in the nearby trees
day 3473
please, World, let me see
through the lens of gratitude;
every day, thankful.

day 3028

February 17, 2014
Day 3028
between the buildings
the wind hustled, its contours
by snow, evident

day 3009

January 24, 2014
Day 3009
though I couldn’t see,
I could hear, the wind outside,
pushing trees around

Day 2973

November 13, 2013
Day 2973
I steadied myself,
smoothly pressed the shutter,
and hoped for the best

Day 2928

August 21, 2013
Day 2928
atop the building,
the hot, rushing wind shoved us,
rudely passing by

Day 2916

August 5, 2013

Day 2916
tension in the air –
a warm wind blows restlessly,
clouds getting darker

Day 2764

December 5, 2012
Day 2764
seen in the mirror
red cheeks from a day outside
in the sun and wind