day 1891

June 29, 2009

day 1891
I opened my eyes
in the darkened bedroom – saw
curtains fluttering


day 1890

June 26, 2009

day 1890
we watched the actors
as they changed from one person
into another

day 1888

June 23, 2009

day 1888
I sat at my desk,
felt a bead of sweat run down
the small of my back

day 1887/day 1886

June 22, 2009

day 1887
I heard Rachel gasp,
turned around and saw the cause –
white peony petals

day 1886

finely, I chopped the

onion and ginger, added

it to the red bowl

day 1885

June 19, 2009

day 1885
I heard the rain pound
on our rooftop, imagined
water through the eaves

day 1884

June 18, 2009

day 1884
saw the bug scurry –
all gazillion of its legs –
and launched my date-book

day 1883/day 1882

June 17, 2009

day 1883
wiping at my face,
trying to remove cobwebs
that I just walked through
day 1882
I could feel a point
of tension in my left palm –
need accu-pressure