day 2428

August 31, 2011
Day 2428
still reminding me of you
via Phil Collins
– – – – –
This American Life: Break-Up

day 2427

August 30, 2011


Day 2427
to every jogger,
we said “Good morning” – received
very few replies back

day 2426

August 29, 2011
Day 2426
my thoughts wandering,
my mind’s wondering ’bout you
and how your day is

Day 2425 and what’s with all the sad haikus lately.

August 28, 2011

Day 2425
I’m sitting outside
beneath trees, watching the clouds
and you’re not with me

– – – – – –

Some of you may have noticed a significant change in the mood of many of the recent haiku posts. For me, my understanding of haiku, is that it is based in observation of the day to day. The haiku is a method of learning to be mindful, of finding the joy and beauty and divine in the every-day. The poetic and heavenly do suffuse all my days, if I pay attention and open my eyes to it.

All joy might lose meaning though, if there was nothing to contrast it against. And that is where I am lately. Jim White, a musician my brother, Kyle, introduced me to, says on his song “Christmas Day“: “Damn, what good fiction I will mold from this terrible pain.” Well, these recent haikus are more memoir than fiction, I’m sad to say. My wife and I are in process of getting divorced. I share this with you to explain why my haikus are what they are lately.

This is an awful sad process and if you’ve got any spare positive thoughts, feel free to send them in Rachel’s and my general direction.


day 2424

August 27, 2011
Day 2424
Neither the weather
nor the company I keep
can change how I feel

day 2423

August 26, 2011
Day 2423
I looked at my phone,
wishing it’d give me a sign
that you think of me
– – – – – –

day 2422

August 25, 2011
Day 2422
jogged while the sun rose –
trying to distract myself
with a morning run