Day 2484

October 31, 2011
Day 2484
the more distractions,
the better, cuz that’s less time
spent thinking of her


October 30, 2011

normally, we’d dress

in paired costumes but this year

that’s not an option

Day 2483

October 30, 2011
Day 2483
in the dark, my hands
and steps were sure, comforted
by familiar halls

Day 2482/Day 2481

October 29, 2011


Day 2481
I stood near the stage,
closed my eyes, swayed, felt the sounds
as they moved through me
Day 2482
with beer and pizza,
I stood in line – my eyes stung;
blinked it away

Day 2480

October 27, 2011
Day 2480
I look to the clouds
over the lake, and wish for
rebirth as a bird

Day 2479

October 26, 2011
Day 2479
feel like Orpheus,
trying so hard to not look
at what’s behind me

Day 2478

October 25, 2011
Day 2478
everything I see
seems a metaphor of sorts –
meaning surrounds me