Day 2982a/b/Day 2983

December 8, 2013
Day 2982a
the tree, though bereft
of leaves, had a mushroom crop
growing on its trunk
Day 2982b
we paged through the books,
wondering about the lives
the creators led
– – – – – –
Day 2983
there was little noise,
aside from my shovel scrapes
as I cleared the snow

Day 2927

August 20, 2013
Day 2927
I stood in the lake,
and like when on wooded paths,
 recognized my role

Day 2826

March 26, 2013
Day 2826
Some leaves never fell,
they held on, shaped by the wind;
they’re golden stalwarts

Day 2823

March 22, 2013

Day 2823
I looked to my left,
from the bluff’s shadowed footpath,
to the sunlit woods

Day 2686

July 16, 2012
Day 2686
beneath my bare feet
concrete, asphalt, and gravel
roots, dirt, and grasses

Day 2619a/b

April 24, 2012
Day 2619a
walking in the woods,
thinking about the forces
that reveal our shape
– – – – –
Day 2619b
walking down the street,
a Suit, eating an apple
and pushing a chair