day 3438

April 21, 2017
day 3438
the boy approached me,
asked, “You a photographer?”
and I was unsure

day 3261

August 14, 2015
day 3261
beneath the tent’s mesh,
looked up to the stars, thinking
of great distances
two evenings ago, I attempted to photograph the Perseids meteor shower. Didn’t have great success with the meteors, but made neat photos none-the-less. See some of them HERE. 🙂

day 3223, day 3224, day 3225

April 22, 2015

day 3223
eastern sun shining
plethora of blue flowers
trees starting to bud


day 3224
for a couple hours,
worries and stressors were set down;
stories were picked up


day 3225
as each woman stepped
in front of the camera,
I smiled, they smiled, “snap”!

day 3165

November 12, 2014
day 3165
Maurice offered books
of photographs; he needed
more space for cook-books

day 3069

April 29, 2014
Day 3068
I’m in the board room,
turned into a studio,
for this photo-shoot

day 3048

March 19, 2014
Day 3048
photographer thoughts:
what equipment do I need?
how might it go wrong?

day 3025

February 13, 2014
Day 3025
as photographer,
my job is to cajole, smile,
encourage, support