Day 2741

October 31, 2012
Day 2741
though my hands were full
I was the right height, so brushed
my head ‘gainst the chimes

Day 2740

October 29, 2012
Day 2740
I walked the hill’s edge
and marveled at time’s power
to shape all matter
– – – –

Day 2739

October 25, 2012

Day 2739
I realized the ease
in tearing things down; I’ll strive
to build up instead

Day 2737

October 23, 2012
Day 2737
beneath fluorescents
smelled the campfire in my clothes
started the washer

Day 2736

October 22, 2012
Day 2736
I watched her work hard
trying to spell “punishment”
and thought “but by graceā€¦”
– – – –
I’ve been volunteering at Literacy Services of WI for over a year and half now. If you’d like to volunteer there too, look for info HERE.

Troy’s Book Club: What Healthy People Know

October 22, 2012

“What Healthy People Know”, by Dr. Bob Gleeson, M.D., is a book I’ve been looking forward to reading – because the topic interested me, and because I’m acquainted with the author! As the Medical Director for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Dr. Gleeson brings a very unique perspective to healthy habits. I can hardly imagine the amount of information and actuarial charts he has pored over, and the realities he has seen play out in them. Dr. Gleeson has done all the legwork for his readers, though; he’s distilled all he’s learned into 7 suggestions that will help people live longer, live healthier, and live better.

Here are Dr. Bob’s 7 suggestions…

  1. Choose not to smoke.
  2. Choose to get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day.
  3. Choose to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Choose to eat reasonable portion sizes…
  5. Choose to drink modest amounts of alcohol if you drink at all.
  6. Choose to unwind; be kind to yourself.
  7. Choose to work with your physician to prevent disease.

As always, here are the highlights that I found “underline-able”.

+You control at least 70% of your own health. (I think this is a GREAT reminder – YOU, the individual, are responsible for the majority of your health.

+health people “proactively make (healthy) choices every day” (my italics -tf)

+You are NEVER too old or too ill to start a healthier life. (my CAPS. This is SUCH an important point, in my opinion – tf)

+great health comes from consistently making healthier choices over a lifetime. (Dr. Bob’s italics)

+here’s a neat quote Dr. Bob shared: “You don’t get old from doing too much. You get old from doing too little.”- Jack LaLanne

+Some vigorous exercise is beneficial, but more (exercise) is better.

+you must start to add physical activity to your routines. (Dr. Bob’s italics)

+Stress comes in many forms and at different times in your day; therefore, you need a variety of methods to lower your stress.

+Learn to meditate.

+Very people on their deathbed say, “I wish I had spent more time at work.”

+10X as many women die of heart disease as die of breast cancer…

+…while we may think of this as getting older, we’re fooling ourselves with that excuse – almost giving ourselves permission to keep on living the way we have been.

– – – –

There’s a lot of great info in this book. I would encourage everyone to read this book, and to take its advice to heart.

Alright, time to eat something healthy and do some push-ups!


Day 2734 / Day 2735 and a few photos of Turkey Run

October 19, 2012
Day 2734
stepped outside the tent
in the wee hours of morning
nothing but trees, stars
– – – –
Day 2735
surrounded by stone
carved by time, water and wind
felt the earth’s patience
– – – –
– – – –