day 3402

January 3, 2017
day 3402
in the library
sought out a window-table
to get work done at

Why Libraries are Invaluable, part 2

September 24, 2010

I got down to Milwaukee’s Central Library today to pick up a book for my wife.  Following the protecting-your-rights-to-read policy, I arrived with my ID, my wife’s library card, and a hand-written note from my wife, OKing me to pick up her book.  As I walked through the library, I noted the scheduling of when the library offers tours of the library and of their “green roof”.  I can’t wait to stop by for a tour!  My respect and admiration for the MPL system just keeps on growing. 🙂

Milwaukee Public Library

American Library Association

p.s.-and a special thank you to the nice librarian who was willing to take a picture of me with Rachel’s script, note and library card. 🙂

day 2172

September 22, 2010

day 2172

the librarian

“We have to protect your rights,

no matter who asks”

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Why Libraries Are Invaluable…

September 22, 2010

I got an email from my wife today, while she was at her 8-5 job:  “Could you stop by the library for me?  The book I reserved is in and I can’t stop by to pick it up today.  Could you get it for me?”  Of course I could;  I’m self-employed, so I can stop in and pick it up.  I did though, call the library, just to be sure I could pick up the book and got an interesting response to “Can I pick up a book my wife reserved?”

“Yes, you can pick it up, but you’ll need an ID for yourself, your wife’s library card, and a note from your wife saying it is OK for you to pick up the book.”

Wow, I thought, how strange, labor-intensive and just bizarre is that policy.  I tweeted about this, how weird I thought it was, and got these responses:  Etrigan63, BuellesBach, and TriKleen.  Then I got a DM (direct message) from the Milwaukee Public Library and it all made sense.

The direct message said this:  Sorry! We have to protect everyone’s privacy w what they are reading. No matter if the police are asking or just her husband.

Then a second message:  Also, you can get on file as authorized in each others records so that you can always pick up for each other.

After reading that, it really did make sense and, more importantly, made me realize how important our libraries and librarians really are.  In this election-time, there’s a whole lot of politicians telling us why they are sticking up for us and presumably protecting our rights.  Well, let me tell you, the librarians are doing it everyday.

Support your libraries because it’s through access to books and media that ANYONE can better themselves.  Libraries are important and necessary for an intelligent citizenry.

Learn about the Milwaukee Public Library HERE.

Find your Milwaukee library HERE.

Donate to the library HERE.

Find and reserve a book for yourself HERE.

Here’s some pics for your enjoyment of Milwaukee’s beautiful downtown central library…Long Live the libraries!

Why Libraries Are Invaluable Part 2

day 1972

October 30, 2009

day 1972
four suited people,
in the reading area,
a Bible-study