day 2550

January 22, 2012
Day 2550
she asked where I’d been,
where was I getting breakfast,
if not at Benji’s?

Day 2460

October 5, 2011
Day 2460
breakfast with Maurice,
omelets for each of us
and stories from him

day 2004 and Tuesday’s snow

December 11, 2009

day 2004
moist crunch in biting
the apple – rice cake follows
with its crisp, dry crunch

The scene while filling up with gas on Tuesday night;  35th St.

day 1800

February 24, 2009

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day 1800
I fold back the foil,
draw the knife through the frosting–
time for breakfast cake

day 1767

January 14, 2009

day 1767

This morning’s delight–

excellent sunlight, breakfast

and conversation