day 3292

November 22, 2015
day 3292a
beyond city lights,
above the snow-covered fields –
the still, star-filled sky
day 3292b
it’s impossible
to not think of the ages
those stars encompass

day 3291

November 18, 2015
day 3291
asked her the question,
and with the answer, I learned
I didn’t need it.

day 3290

November 15, 2015
day 3290
it felt real darn good
to get on the trail again –
sunshine and footfalls

day 3289

November 13, 2015
day 3289
hard to imagine,
just out of view was a hole
in the Earth itself

day 3288

November 12, 2015

day 3288
all the shades of blue
from near-shore to horizon
and into the clouds

day 3287

November 11, 2015
day 3287
a gentle clatter,
dry leaves falling through sunrise,
as I stood watching

day 3286/day 3285

November 10, 2015
day 3285
I rallied my nerve,
stood up with my camera,
“Excuse me, have you…”
day 3286
the back of her head:
highlight, deep shadow, soft edge –
sun and a light bulb.