day 3278

October 29, 2015
Day 3278
for forty minutes,
screen said “thirty minutes remaining;
time for Genius Bar

day 3276/day 3277

October 27, 2015
day 3277
in the coffeeshop,
people gathered – in costume –
and so generous
3277 was inspired by the MKE Cosplay 5k which happened this past weekend. See some fun photos HERE.
day 3276
the complexity,
in knowing connectedness,
amidst the freewill.

Troy’s Book Club: More Baths Less Talking by Nick Hornby

October 21, 2015

I’ve read many different kinds of books over the years – biographies, fictions of all kinds, romances, autobiographies, self-improvements/motivationals, poetry, and probably literal tons of comicbooks. So, I guess it isn’t that big of a surprise that I would enjoy a book that is a person talking about the books he’s been reading. “More Baths Less Talking” is a collection of Nick Hornby‘s columns for Believer magazine,…from 2010-2011. So yeah, I had a really fun time reading about what Nick Hornby was reading five years ago.

What’s even an even bigger testament to Hornby’s skill as a writer, is that he not only makes each column quite interesting, sprinkled through with such good humor, but that he even finds a way to make this collection of individual columns have a satisfactory “conclusion” when you read the last entry. And there’s now a whole lot of other books, from 2010-11 that I’d like to read, but especially biographies of Montaigne and Charles Dickens. And this, too.


day 3275

October 19, 2015

day 3275
in the headlights’ beams,
withered leaves skittered on by,
blown by morning winds

day 3274

October 16, 2015
day 3274
“You’re an RA, too?”
“Which floor? 2C? That was mine!”
– college flashing-back

day 3273

October 13, 2015

day 3273

it was neat to see
so many kids excited
to meet an author
(Brian Selznick was the author)

day 3272

October 12, 2015
day 3272
when I stepped outside,
the door’s noise disturbed two crows,
and they took to flight