day 3475

October 24, 2017
day 3475
returning felt good,
trail beneath my feet again,
cool rain a’falling.

day 3433/day 3434/day 3435

April 13, 2017
day 3435
the alarm clock went off,
heard the rain outside and thought
“I’ll skip today’s run”
day 3434
I started to read,
my eyes quickly glazed over;
you know it’s tax time
day 3433
through the construction,
feeling the wind shove the car,
minding the lane lines

day 3428

March 25, 2017
day 3428
toward’s the run end,
I huffed, puffed, and sang some songs
to keep me moving

day 3407

January 17, 2017
day 3407
running ‘round the track
and wishing I was outside
on my river-trails

day 3316/day 3317

February 22, 2016

day 3316
the time when I run,
is when my my thoughts can settle,
and new ones begin

day 3317
constantly looking
at the trail, avoiding rocks,
finding the best line

day 3310

January 19, 2016
day 3310
stood among the racks,
talking about trailrunning
and where are the shorts?

day 3309

January 13, 2016
day 3309
running on the track
confirmed why I run on trails
almost all the time