Day 2977, Day 2978a/b

November 26, 2013
Day 2977
trail’s close to frozen –
hard beneath my feet – but miles,
still fall behind me
= = = = = =
Day 2978a
where the river slowed,
the ice began appearing,
creeping from the shore
Day 2978b
though it didn’t last,
I will always be thankful
for the years we had



Day 2976

November 20, 2013
Day 2976
stood on the small stage,
watched the lyrics light up and
sang the Dead Milkmen

Day 2975

November 17, 2013
Day 2975
the landscape I knew
was obscured by the storm clouds,
and thus was transformed

Day 2974

November 15, 2013
Day 2974
think about what’s planned,
and what’s wanted – the dif’rence
between those two things

Day 2973

November 13, 2013
Day 2973
I steadied myself,
smoothly pressed the shutter,
and hoped for the best

Day 2972

November 12, 2013
Day 2972
stepped up on the branch,
edged out over the water,
reached the other side

Day 2970/day 2971

November 11, 2013
Day 2970
I saw the photos,
from past years, had to wonder
about the future.
Day 2971
hustling to set up,
the sun shone, but the breeze chilled,
a few pics – then DONE.