day 3282/day 3283

November 6, 2015
day 3282
you know the wind’s there,
not because you can see it;
you see its effect
day 3283
sometimes, I wonder
what I’m missing, and was I
always missing it?

day 3173

December 5, 2014
day 3173

it’s been many months

since we last spoke, yet my thoughts
turn to you often

day 3171

December 2, 2014
day 3171
one moment, our eyes
made contact; not long after,
our lips also met

day 3158

October 30, 2014

day 3158
this ache that I’ve got,
has lasted through two seasons,
but it seems like years

day 3152/day 3153/day 3154

October 21, 2014

day 3152
I looked at the list,
kept thinking I could manage,
I could get it done


day 3153
I looked to the north,
and the clouds marching my way
were most ominous


day 3154
a trigger was pulled,
memories revisited,
and wounds reopened

day 3149

October 6, 2014

day 3149
like so many boons,
her arrival surprised me;
the staying – too brief.

day 3000a/b

January 13, 2014
Day 3000a
I look for patterns
and the coincidences
that describe my life
Day 3000b
So, I deleted
those old texts, but the next day,
there you were again
= = = = =
Here is the first haiku, from November 2002 –

day 1  (11-9-02)

the sky goes slate grey

what weather comes for this night?

leaves leave the trees quick.