day 3427

March 22, 2017
day 3427
from my bed, I look
at the sunlit window and
know it’s time to go

day 3419/day 3420

March 8, 2017
day 3420
trying to decide:
do events have meaning and
should I persevere?
day 3419
I’m lying in bed,
awake, eyes closed, listening
to the wind outside

day 3417

March 1, 2017
day 3417
for a few nights now,
falling asleep to the sound
of the falling rain

day 3404

January 5, 2017
day 3404
I tossed, turned, trying
to find a way I could sleep
with a stuffed-up head

day 3035/day 3036

February 28, 2014

Day 3036
I’ve started seeing
sleep as another waking,
just different rules

– – – –
Day 3035
the snow-swept asphalt
resembled a minute land
of snow, ice, tundra

Day 2567

February 10, 2012
Day 2567
as I tried to sleep,
heard a small ‘thup’ beside me –
looked, saw a dried leaf

Day 2451

September 26, 2011
Day 2451
in my basement space,
I can hear the rain outside,
and hope to find sleep