day 3363

August 27, 2016
day 3363
lying in my bed
listening to the rain fall
outside my window

day 3362

August 23, 2016
day 3362
I drove the run route,
imagining the people,
all in their costumes

day 3360/day 3361

August 22, 2016
day 3360
here in sun, I stand,
looking out at rain falling,
far out in the lake
day 3361
I sat there waiting,
and once the doc had spoken,
I left, just annoyed

day 3359

August 19, 2016
day 3359
I walked down the street,
with light rain falling on me
from the morning sky

day 3358

August 15, 2016
day 3358
three miles to warm up,
sore ankle at mile seven,
then it’s smooth sailing

day 3356/day 3357

August 11, 2016
day 3356
as each day closes,
I’m another day closer
to the big trailrun
day 3357
slap the alarm clock,
again, five minutes later,
then go run three miles

day 3355

August 5, 2016
day 3355
getting out of town
is worth it to see the sky
not light-polluted