day 3378

October 31, 2016
day 3378
I tried to ask more
questions, and direct them less –
let them figure it

day 3375, day 3376, day 3377

October 25, 2016
day 3377
I was reminded
of you, almost shared that, but
it doesn’t matter
day 3376
read the news, see it,
read an email from a friend;
memento mori
day 3375
down the stone hallway,
murmur of voices, clicking
of heels on marble

day 3374

October 18, 2016
day 3374
it’s been a week now,
since the big trailrun; I need
to get back on trail

day 3373

October 11, 2016
day 3373
the rain kept coming,
I just kept moving ahead,
closer to the end

day 3372

October 2, 2016
day 3372
I took it easy –
knowing it was a new trail –
didn’t want to fall
and for a photo, click HERE