MOVIE LOG – 2017

January 1, 2017
  1. 17/01/01: 10 THINGS  HATE ABOUT YOU (1999): Enjoyed it, …right up till the last 15 sec., but really loved the “band-on-the-rooftop” shot – that was dang nice.
  2. 17/01/01: OTHER PEOPLE (2016): nice com-drama about a family dealing with the mother’s cancer, among other family-issues. Good stuff from all cast.
  3. 17/01/01: LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU (2014): There’s something to be said for documentaries about failed movie-productions, like this remake of Island of Dr. Moreau. Very interesting stuff.
  4. 17/10/02: ARQ (2016): sci-fi time-loop thriller. 85% satisfied. A brave, new world we’re entering where films are getting made by content providers like Netflix, rather than the standard studio system.
  5. 17/01/03: BLACK SNAKE MOAN (2006): what I thought was gonna be a strange, saucy, trashy flick became a strange, saucy, satisfying mutual-redemption tale.
  6. 17/01/04: HARD CANDY (2005): man, that’s a stressful cat-mouse movie about a young Ellen Page going “to catch a predator” on a  photographer who may or may not be a pedophile.
  7. 17/01/07: THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS (2016): fun animated film about what our pets do when we’re not around. A cute film with an entertaining ensemble of characters. It’s obvious that the character designers had fun with this one!
  8. 17/01/08: SERENITY (2005)(re-watch): I am a total late-bloomer when it comes to appreciating Joss Whedon’s work – whether it was Buffy, of the basis of this movie- the show, “Firefly.” And I’ll admit, I go back and forth on my enjoyment of sci-fi in general. I like good characters though, and Whedon is real good at making characters you feel invested in. This movie is dang good and made a compelling space-opera.
  9. 17/01/09: THE HUSTLER (1961): Was expecting an early Paul Newman romp, and got something a lot more serious and tragic. Definitely good and classic, and Jackie Gleason was pretty amazing.
  10. 17/01/09: DRAGONHEART 3: THE SORCERER’S CURSE (2015): Not awful, not great, something to have on while I played around on my laptop. Pretty straightforward dragon-fantasy fare.
  11. 17/01/13: RAINBOW TIME (2016): whoa, talk about an incredible writing/directing/acting performance. This comedy/drama about a two brothers trying to deal with each other amidst other issues has a good mix of realized characters, emotional investment, and a conclusion I’m willing to accept.
  12. 17/01/14: RUN LOLA RUN (1998) and CRANK (2006) (each a re-watch): I have a big affection for time-based suspense/action movies, and these two made for a fun double-feature night. In RUN, Lola tries to save her boyfriend – three different times to three different outcomes. In Crank, “Chex Chelios” races to get revenge on his enemies before a poison kills him. Both movies are energetic, stylishly edited, and big-time fun in my opinion.
  13. 17/01/15: PRACTICAL MAGIC (1998), BLUE JAY (2016), and GROSSE POINTE BLANK (1997)(re-watch): PM -Came across this one when I fell down a Sandy Bullock-rabbit hole. Not bad, sorta interesting, told a strangely compelling story of family, love, relationships, bad decisions, curses, and what we wish for. BJ – geesh, that was great. Mark Duplass is quickly becoming one of my fave film-people. If he’s attached, I’ll watch it. A lovely story about running into your not-seen-in-2o-years first love. GBP – geesh, I love this movie. John Cusack is so dang smooth, Minnie Driver is a DOLL, and Dan Akroyd and Joan Cusack are hilarious.
  14. 17/01/17: SING STREET (2016): This movie brought me JOY, such a sweet film about a boy, in Dublin, in the 80s, trying to win a girl by playing in a band.
  15. 17/01/21: UNDER THE SHADOW (2016): A horror film set in Tehran, Iran about a mom and daughter and some real spooky happening in their apartment building. A good, scary film set amidst a significant historical framework. THE GUEST (2014): Well, I didn’t think it would be great, and I wasn’t disappointed. A thriller with an intriguing first act that steadily disappointed expectations to the end.
  16. 17/01/22: ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY (2016): Heard it was good, but didn’t have high expectations, and really, really enjoyed it. Here’s what I want from future Star Wars movies: MORE women, MORE accents, and MORE KUNG-FU.

day 3408

January 22, 2017
day 3408
I’m so used to this,
sometimes I forget my life
isn’t what most have

day 3407

January 17, 2017
day 3407
running ‘round the track
and wishing I was outside
on my river-trails

day 3406

January 14, 2017
day 3406
it was too easy
to just keep hitting the >snooze<
and then an hour passed

day 3405

January 10, 2017
day 3405
drove through wind and rain
to a funeral, then got
a sib’s life-end plans

day 3404

January 5, 2017
day 3404
I tossed, turned, trying
to find a way I could sleep
with a stuffed-up head

Troy’s Book Club: Crenshaw

January 5, 2017

“Crenshaw”, by Katherine Applegate, is a book aimed at younger readers, but really is enjoyable, I think for readers of any age. It’s written from the point-of-view of a young boy whose family is going through some difficult financial times – his dad has gotten sick, his mom is working multiple part-time jobs, his little sister is annoying …and his long-gone imaginary friend, a giant cat, has just re-appeared. Honestly, with our economy still fragile, and our society increasingly divided, now seemed a serendipitous time to read a story about life-near-poverty.

This book is a quick read for an adult, given the reading-level it was written for, but that seemed appropriate given the age of the main character. It was neat reading the book from his perspective. This book reminded me again of the power of reading to make us all more empathetic, even for fictional characters!

I got my book at Boswell Books, but you can also find it at the Milwaukee Public Library (who have many of Applegate’s other books, too).


day 3403

January 4, 2017
day 3403
muscles that rested,
rarely tested, were now used;
consequently: sore.