Troy’s Book Club: Americans We

March 3, 2018

AMERICANS WE, by Eugene Richards, is a powerful photo-book. I’ve enjoyed this book for many years, but my recent re-reading of it had a new level of impact. I went through the book slowly, with the woman I’ve been seeing, and we took turns reading the text out loud to each other. It really was an exceptional way to read a book.

Richards has been making powerful images for decades, and anyone who considers themselves a photographer or student of photography really needs to spend some time with this book. It’s goldang required reading.




Troy’s Book Club: Always Looking Up

March 3, 2018

Happened to find this book in my Mom and Dad’s coat closet, back around the holidays 2017. I needed a break from comics for a bit, and could use a bit of encouragement, too. Who >wouldn’t< want some encouragement from Alex P. Keaton? 🙂

This memoir, Michael J. Fox’s second, was about life after his Parkinson’s diagnosis, his leaving the sitcom, SPIN CITY, the beginnings of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and his efforts to start swaying politicians to understand the significance of stem cell research. Oh yeah, and he and his wife’s effort to raise their family while dealing with all the previously-mentioned.

It was a fun, interesting, convivial book. A nice, light read, and a good reminder that many of our perceived limits can be gotten through if we have the right motivations and keep trying to live a life of purpose and love.

There’s a whole lotta copies at MPL, so go check it out! 🙂 



day 3490/day 3491/day 3492/day 3493

March 3, 2018
So, not many haikus written in February, but still, I like them…
day 3493
walking down the street,
texting with one hand, a rose
held in the other
day 3492
sitting quietly
in the coffeeshop, hearing
the conversations
day 3491
overhead I heard
a deep, agressive rumble:
a passing snowplow
day 3490
middle of the night,
trying to breath too-dry air
with nose full of snot

day 3489

January 23, 2018
day 3489
beyond the window,
I could see snow had fallen,
lining the branches

day 3488

January 16, 2018
day 3488
close to each other,
but she stood one step higher;
we saw eye-to-eye

day 3484, day 3485, day 3486, day 3487

January 4, 2018
day 3487
evidence of wind
in the tall smokestack’s exhaust;
further back, sunset.
day 3486
bitterly cold out,
thinking about those with less,
no roof overhead
day 3485
seeing my teacher
was a needed reminder.
Always move forward.
day 3484
the nighttime river,
its current visible from
streetlight reflections

Troy’s Book Club: If You Try To Please Everybody…You Will Lose Your Ass

December 30, 2017

A few years ago, while on assignment for a local magazine, I had the opportunity to meet, and photograph Stephen Einhorn, a MKE-area businessman. It was pretty common for these assignments to end with an exchange of business-cards. This time though, was unique in that Stephen gave me a book – a book that he wrote, joking that he had plenty of copies to go around!

The entire title of the book is “If You Try To Please Everybody…You Will Lose Your Ass: Jokes and Reflections on Business and Life.” This is a fun, light read, with a format that is easy to mosey through. Each page is a joke, followed by a particular lesson. All these jokes and lessons are spread across chapters like “Behavior Counts”, “Value Added”, “Worry and Guilt”, and a few more besides.

I think it’s really neat that Stephen wrote this book, as many people comment about wanting to “write their memoirs”, but only a fraction follow through. And while wanting to tell your life story is neat, fewer people talk about wanting to write a book that is all about what they’ve learned in life, the values they’ve developed, and a whole lotta jokes beside. So, my hat is off to Stephen. He did something really kinda neat here, and I’m just bummed it took me so long to get around to reading it. Ah well, that is just how it goes sometimes.

Photo Dec 29, 10 43 32 PM.jpg