Movie Log: Aug-Oct 2017

August 15, 2017




  1. 17/08/08: ATOMIC BLONDE (2017) was innnnnnncredible (if you like spy-films). Great acting, evocative cinematography, and outstanding fight-choreography! Charlize was breath-taking.
  2. 17/08/12: THE WORLD’S END (2013)  Funny “we all gotta grow up sometime”/”you can never go home” film. Local cinema, The Rosebud, was hosting a The Wright Stuff “mini-fest” showing the films of director, Edgar Wright. I happen to love these films and am seeing all four of their offerings (and a fifth at a different theater)! Every film of his is witty, clever, has funny characters, and slick film-making. And, three of five films feature Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!
  3. 17/08/12: HOT FUZZ (2007) (Wright) Hilarious send-up of buddy-cop films in a “quaint English village” with a very dark secret.
  4. 17/08/13: SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) (Wright) Hilarious parody and more of the zombie genre.
  5. 17/08/14: BABY DRIVER (2017) (Wright) Interesting character hooks, solid entry in the heist-film category told in very stylish fashion. Really enjoyed it!
  6. 17/08/15: SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD (2010): (Wright): Unusual to see Wright do a film based on someone else’s material. A fun, visually-inspired comicbook adaptation! 🙂
  7. 17/08/26: MAN UP (2015): another Simon Pegg movie, an accidental re-watching. Was pretty decent, had some good moments – a standard-ish “mistaken identity” rom-com.
  8. 17/09/17: AN HONEST LIAR (2014): wow, revealing, astonishing documentary about The Amazing Randi, a magician and psychic debunker. Very, very interesting.
  9. 17/09/24: TROPIC THUNDER (2008): This is a beautiful comedy, and a farce about filmmaking, acting, and war movies, and geesh, I feel almost wrong for enjoying it as much as I do.
  10. 17/10/03: THE LOST WORLD (1925): My first film at this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival was a hoot! This classic silent film about explorers venturing to a hidden plateau in S. America, where dinosaurs roam, was accompanied by the amazing Alloy Orchestra. What a neat way to see a film!
  11. 17/10/05: DATE NIGHT SHORTS: My second film at the Milwaukee Film Festival was something I try and get to every year. Always impresses me how much story can be put in a short film.
  12. 17/10/08: LIFE OF THE PARTY (2017): My final film of this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival was made by local filmmaker, Rubin Whitmore II. It was a neat, wandering film about a poorly-attended wedding reception, and all the dynamics between the people who did attend.
  13. 17/10/10: I LOVE YOU MAN (2009): Paul Rudd and Jason Segel seem like a good duo for a comedy about an adult guy trying to make friends, but eh, it’s uneven at best.
  14. 17/10/10: CLOUD ATLAS (2015): It took me a bit to warm up to this three-hour epic, but eventually I did, and I think it was worth the investment. Beautifully made, tightly plotted, and the result of not one, but three directors’ vision, it’s a mighty remarkable film.
  15. 17/10/13: HELLRAISER (1987): Thirty years later, and this Clive Barker written/directed horror film is still dang effective, disturbing, and creepy as heck.

Movie Log: May-July 2017

May 13, 2017



  1. 2017/05/01: LOGAN (2017): Heckuva final Wolverine movie for Hugh Jackman. Excellent performances by all the cast. GOOD STUFF.
  2. 2017/05/12: RED (2010): Based on a pretty excellent comicbook by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, this Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich movie should have been better. Wasn’t awful, but wasn’t really that great either.
  3. 207/05/12: FRANK MILLER’S: THE SPIRIT (2008): Frank Miller’s directorial debut gets a lot of grief, but I for one really enjoy it. The art direction is amazing, the stylization (that usually would annoy me) seems just right here.  It’s an odd movie, for sure, but it is definitely Frank’s movie, as >inspired< by Will Eisner, but I’m not sure it’s a film Eisner would made.
  4. 2017/05/13: BEGINNERS (2010): I love this movie. Saw it twice in the theater. Have rewatched it a few times. A heartbreaking romance, but a lot more than just that. Man, I dig it.
  5. 2017/05/14: ALEXANDER (2004): If you’re looking for a dramatic, bloody, 3.5-hour epic movie about the life and death of Alexander the Great, here you are. Impressive production, so-so movie. But dang, the story of Alexander, having conquered most of the known world, and dead by 32, sure makes my “achievements” at age 43 seem less than impressive.
  6. 2017/05/16: SLEIGHT (2017): Advertised as an “urban superhero” sorta flick, upon watching this, I think the film actually has more in common with classic film noir movies. There’s a protagonist, who’s basically a good person, who is forced to make less than legal decisions, and consequences flow from that. A good movie, and not a bad sophomore feature effort from the director. (Also, it’s pretty neat because the lead was born in Milwaukee!)
  7. 2017/06/07: THE BREAKUP (2006): A kinda romantic comedy about a couple breaking up. Starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, this was a re-watch for me, and confirmed, that yeah, not too bad, and not a typical “happily ever after” flick.
  8. 2017/06/12: MINDHORN (2016): A fun com-drama wherein a police department calls in a washed-up actor to revisit his role as a TV detective, since that’s the only person a possible serial-killer will talk to. A better-than-average script with some good twists, and fun character-acting. Def worth a watch if you dig British films (it’s all set on the Isle of Man).
  9. 2017/06/28: xXx (2002): I felt like watching a trashy action film and that is exactly what I got. Entertaining, and the European settings nice to see , was SO EXTREME (sarcasm intended).
  10. 2017/July: WONDER WOMAN (2017): about time that we get a >good< female-led superhero movie. Really enjoyed it!
  11. 2017/July: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017): another fun space-adventure from Marvel, and for me, more enjoyable than the first film.
  12. 2017/07/20: DATE NIGHT (2010): I’ve watched this flick at least three times now, which is a lot for me. It’s sweet, fun, improbable, and silly, and Tina Fey and Steve Carrell do a whole lotta good here.
  13. 2017/07/23: BAD SANTA 2 (2016): As trashy, and maybe a lil trashier than the first film, but still fun if you don’t mind a Christmas film full of vulgarity, drunkeness, thievery, double-crosses, and some public sex. For me, Billy Bob Thornton is almost always fun to watch, and Christina Hendricks is a beauty (though her role is of little use to the film plot…).
  14. 2017/07/30: C.S.A. (2004): A mockumentary that wonders what the present day would be like…if the South had won the Civil War. Very interesting and a bit terrifying.

day 3473/day 3474

October 17, 2017
day 3474
sat at the stoplight,
watching the wind’s evidence
in the nearby trees
day 3473
please, World, let me see
through the lens of gratitude;
every day, thankful.

day 3472

October 9, 2017
day 3472
we fast-walked the night,
our headlamps guiding the way,
we made the miles pass

day 3471

September 28, 2017
day 3471
the kids stood watching
the policemen down the street –
what were they learning?

day 3470

September 19, 2017
day 3470
downtown was hidden
by the warm day’s fog; the sky
was just passing through

day 3469

September 10, 2017
day 3469
listened to them
share their relationship’s tale,
and could feel their love

day 3468/day 3467

September 5, 2017
day 3467
the cone of light shone
on the trail ahead of me;
beyond it – darkness.
day 3468
parking lot litter
says: some have bigger concerns
and some just don’t care

day 3464/day 3465/day 3466

August 30, 2017
day 3466
sure, I was nervous,
but I had little reason
to turn down this opp
day 3465
we all looked skyward,
some through glasses and some through
cereal boxes
day 3464
moving down the trail,
skipping over rocks and roots,
watching my breathing