Movie Log: March-April 2017

March 3, 2017

Part One of 2017 Movie Log…

  1. 17/03/03: ZOMBEAVERS (2014): an efficient “B” horror movie about some toxic-waste infected beavers attacking a group of isolated co-eds. Everything you would expect it to be and a bit tighter plot than some big-budget films.
  2. 17/03/03: V/H/S 2 (2013): an interesting bit of horror, it’s a series of POV horror vignettes, ranging from zombies to alien abductions to demon-cults and then some. Kinda interesting. I think I’m slowly turning off to horror films, though. I still like a good suspenseful film, but I don’t know I necessarily like horror films as much as I used to.
  3. 17/03/11: RITES OF SPRING (2011): hmm…seems I’m starting this month by clearing out the horror movies in my queue. This one >could< have been a neat horror-heist mashup film, and instead it was just a mess that wasn’t sure how to manage its various elements.
  4. 17/03/12: YOGA HOSERS (2016): this was a fun, silly flick about Canada, forgotten Nazis, two social-media and yoga obsessed teens and I really got a kick out of it. I liked it more when I thought it was just an indie flick and not a Kevin Smith joint, but that’s not a reason to dislike a film. It was odd, funny, and had a mostly coherent plot. So, I dug it!
  5. 17/03/26: ZOOMBIES (2016): A long-while ago, a Twitter friend and I had the idea that there should be a zombie movie based in a zoo. Then, I learned there WAS a movie already like that …and I should have been warned off when I learned it was from the people who made the Sharknado movies. It was bad, but thankfully it wasn’t long.
  6. 17/03/26: DEATHGASM (2015): I don’t know what it is, but New Zealand has a way of turning out amazing, well-written, funny gross horror films. This one about a metalhead who accidentally brings a demon to his town is no exception.
  7. 17/04/01: GET OUT (2017): One of the most talked about and original movies so far this year, GET OUT is a suspense/horror flick from Jordan Peele, originally famous for being part of the Key and Peele comedy team. This film, though, which he wrote and directed is certainly making him more than “half a comedy team.” Mighty impressive and scary film!
  8. 17/04/02: EVERYTHING MUST GO (2010): I think Will Ferrell is underrated as a dramatic actor. This one, about an alcoholic salesman who loses his wife, job, and house, shows that Ferrell is more than just a funny man. Nice flick.
  9. 17/04/03: I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER (2016): Interesting to see Christopher Lloyd in an indie film, as the old man neighbor, to a young man (with some disturbing fascinations), who is trying to figure out the cause behind a rash of strange murders in their town. Kinda slow, but a decent payoff.
  10. 17/04/09: HIGH RISE (2015): A rather odd, social-class “Lord of the Flies” drama set in a London high-rise, and while it’s said to be “70s” London, it almost seemed more like the dawn of a Judge Dredd megalopolis. The best thing that came from watching this was learning of Portishead’s cover of S.O.S.
  11. 17/04/09: BARTON FINK (1991): Wow, what a movie! The Coen Brothers sure make good ones – this time about a playwright who goes to Hollywood to try his hand and scriptwriting, and it goes from there…I’m not even sure what all happened, but I enjoyed the ride.
  12. 17/04/14: THE D TRAIN (2015): I had two reasons to want to watch this movie: Jack Black and James Marsden. I’ve always liked Jack, and James has played one of my favorite X-men, in the movies, Cyclops. This movie uses some oft-done tropes to pretty good effect: middle-age people, class reunions, the desired to liked, and poor choices.
  13. 17/04/17: KEDI (2016): what a lovely, lovely documentary! Set in Istanbul, this movie follows some of the relationships between its human inhabitants, and its population of stray cats. The movie reveals how much we can tell about people, by how they treat animals.

day 3441/day 3442

April 28, 2017
day 3441
it was so easy
to lie in bed listening
to the rain outside
day 3442
the alarm went off
woke up, considered, reset,
then slept two more hours

day 3440

April 26, 2017
day 3440
though the day started
with brilliant sun, clear skies
were not gonna last

day 3439

April 24, 2017

day 3439
opened the car door,
felt the sun-warmed air rise out
of the car past me

day 3438

April 21, 2017
day 3438
the boy approached me,
asked, “You a photographer?”
and I was unsure

day 3437

April 19, 2017
day 3437
seeing those tendrils
hanging down from gray-blue clouds,
and smelling the rain

day 3436

April 18, 2017

day 3436
creeping through the gap
of curtain and window-frame,
the light from our star

day 3433/day 3434/day 3435

April 13, 2017
day 3435
the alarm clock went off,
heard the rain outside and thought
“I’ll skip today’s run”
day 3434
I started to read,
my eyes quickly glazed over;
you know it’s tax time
day 3433
through the construction,
feeling the wind shove the car,
minding the lane lines