day 3352

July 27, 2016
day 3352
I’m finding it hard
to climb my way from this hole
that’s grown five years deep

day 3348/day 3349/day 3350/day 3351

July 26, 2016
day 3348
How could I focus
their attention on a task
for about three hours?
day 3349
the monthly challenge:
seven days, seven trailruns –
this is how I build
day 3350
The miles matter less,
the more I train. Now my mind
needs training as well.
day 3351
I’m trying to work
she’s reading some comicbooks
he’s playing vid-games

day 3347

July 7, 2016
day 3347
trying to focus
their attention on photos,
though it’s summertime

day 3344

June 27, 2016
day 3344
the deadline is up,
time to start teaching again;
try not to stress out

day 3343

June 21, 2016
day 3343
each day, gotta think:
I can make a difference,
and what will I do?

day 3342

June 13, 2016
day 3342
I have run those trails
many times; but still, each run
is a unique one.

day 3341

June 10, 2016
day 3341
I understood Jeff –
“if money is the problem…” –
I must try harder


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