day 3234

May 15, 2015
day 3234
package in the mail,
a pleasant surprise, really,
more a time capsule

day 3233

May 13, 2015

day 3233

they sat close, coffee
cups between them; she reached out,
gave his hand a squeeze

day 3232

May 11, 2015
day 3232
by spring’s arrival,
my view of the trails obscured
with emerging buds

day 3231

May 6, 2015

day 3231

I heard the speech –
learned we’d thought similarly –
chose different paths

day 3230

May 5, 2015
day 3230
while asleep last night,
in dreams, I saw two women
I’ve not seen lately

day 3228, day 3229a/b

May 1, 2015
day 3228
I left the movie
with a feeling that I need
to make this all count
day 3229a
in the morning sun,
she bent down, sipped the coffee,
walked away briskly
day 3229b
in a few seconds,
my decision to pedal
was soundly affirmed

day 3227

April 27, 2015

day 3227
sat in the church pew,
watched the young girls and boys walk
to First Communion


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