day 3273

October 13, 2015

day 3273

it was neat to see
so many kids excited
to meet an author
(Brian Selznick was the author)

day 3272

October 12, 2015
day 3272
when I stepped outside,
the door’s noise disturbed two crows,
and they took to flight

day 3271

October 6, 2015
day 3271
for that one instant,
I saw each person as a
universe of chance

While in NYC, Society of Illustrators… 09-15

October 4, 2015

Last month, I paid a short visit to New York City and Boston, mainly to see friends. You can see some of those photos here. One of the most thrilling stops I made though, was to the Society of Illustrators in New York City. The illustrations they had on display, sometimes along with what those pieces looked like in print, were fabulous and inspiring. So many beautiful paintings.

Those alone would have been a big enough thrill, but SOI also had an exhibit of Batman sketch covers (on display till Nov 7)!! This collection was so amazing – so many of my favorite artists were represented! There was Jae Lee, Dave Gibbons, Howard Chaykin, Dustin Nguyen, Frank Quietly, and many others! Here are some lil snapshots, and one of my favorite illustration paintings. :)

If you’re an artist, and if you visit NYC, you HAVE to visit the SOI Musuem. I’m so very glad I went!

day 3270

September 23, 2015
day 3270
started down the trail,
my arms swinging, legs pumping,
raising my heart rate
(and a photo…)

day 3269

September 22, 2015
day 3269
we sat, sun shining,
discussed movies, whales’ nostrums,
and relationships

day 3268

September 8, 2015

day 3268
I stood still, straining,
then I could hear it – the rain –
falling through the trees


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