day 3516/day 3517/day 3518/day 3519/day 3520

October 30, 2018
day 3520
I stood in the dark,
listening to the river
that I couldn’t see
day 3519
sitting in the room,
as the actors read their lines,
trying on their roles
day 3518
from the higher floor
a change in my perspective,
twas sorely needed
day 3517
from the ferris wheel,
beside the amusement park,
a cemetery
day 3516
few things thrill me like
looking east at twilight, then
west, darkening sky

day 3514/day 3515

September 6, 2018
day 3515
a revisiting
will be new in its own way,
a deja vu date
day 3514
any adventure
should give equal feelings
of fear and big hope

Troy’s Book Club: YOU are a BADASS

September 3, 2018

The past year or two have been … …difficult for me. Depression over a lack of a relationship, some missing motivation in business due to some lost clients, and a general sense of “meh” have dogged me. At a friend’s suggestion, I picked up this book, recognizing that the way things were going was NOT productive and I needed to do something about it.

Jen Sincero’s book, with a full title of “YOU are a BADASS: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” sounded like the sorta thing I needed.

Depending on your own acceptances of how the world and Universe work, and your own belief-structures, this could be a really excellent inspiring book, or it could turn you off quickly. As things are, my response was something in between. There was much I liked, a few quibbles I had with her approach to things, but overall, I really liked much of what she had to say.

If you are “stuck” and trying to create some momentum, some change, in your life, you may want to check this book out. I >did< find it helpful. Now, I gotta go erase my whiteboard and get some new ideas up on that thing.

Find it at Boswell Books and Milwaukee Public Library.

2018-09-03 19.52.35

Troy’s Book Club: Catching the Big Fish

September 3, 2018

This book, by David Lynch, the famous filmmaker, is a good one for most creative people, or for those trying to bring more creativity into their lives. The full title of the book is actually, “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity”. The entire book is comprised of 1-3 page “meditations” by Lynch on his own creativity and how he “dives deep”, using meditation, to try and solve creative problems. Pretty interesting and an easy read.

Find it at the Milwaukee Public Library or Boswell Books!

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day 3513

August 6, 2018
day 3513
if your heart can break,
be grateful for all your tears,
to know you still feel.

day 3511/day 3512

July 28, 2018

day 3511
his left hand, held up,
slowing the oncoming car
his right, to his wife

when I dropped them off,
mentioned how impressed I was;
it was chivalric.

he brushed it off, shy;
“protecting his investment…”
she said playfully
Day 3512
was around midnight,
between streetlights, bicyclist,
carrying flowers

day 3502/day 3503/day 3504/day 3505/day 3506/day 3507/day 3508/day 3509/day 3510

July 28, 2018

day 3502
the week has been junk,
then I saw Chuck walk on by
and my mood lifted.

day 3503
distinct cloud outlines
defined in the night sky by
flashes of lightning


day 3504
we passed each other
at the doorway; her outfit
caused a double-take.

day 3505
logged into the site,
saw the profiles, started to read…
and just closed the tab


day 3506
thinking about Touch,
and how far too many folks
don’t get it enough


day 3507
looked at the migrant,
but for chance, she’d be my niece;
all kids must be loved.


day 3508
they leaned in closer,
a bike helmet in her hand,
for a good-bye kiss


day 3509
across the table,
they held hands, reminding me:
giddy knows no age


day 3510
I’m in a fishbowl,
looking at the folks ‘round me,
like a silent film.