Movie Log: Nov-Dec 2017

November 20, 2017





  1. 17/early Nov: Thor Ragnarok (2017): Was a fun, colorful, dramatic, surprising fun ride. Marvel is making pretty good popcorn films.
  2. 17/11/19: Justice League (2017): Man, I went to this to see just how …bad it was going to be. Honest, it wasn’t awful…but it wasn’t that memorable either. Just a big ol’ “meh” from me.
  3. 17/11/27: X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009): I’d always heard that this was a pretty awful superhero film, and ….yep, it’s pretty bad. There’s some neat character ideas, but there’s plot holes and character choices that are just so THERE. Coulda been great, was as meh as Justice League.
  4. 17/11/27: Whip It (2009): Now this movie was FUN. Pretty standard “rebellious teenager coming of age (via ROLLER-DERBY)” story, but well-acted, a fun directorial debut from Drew Barrymore, and just nicely put-together.
  5. 12/01/17: What Happened Miss Simone? (2015): Wow, a real compelling documentary about singer/musician, Nina Simone. So talented, so driven, so tragic…her life was an arc that was filled with such highs and lows. A really interesting exploration of her life.

day 3481/day 3482

December 5, 2017
day 3481
Mom pedaling hard,
two kids on the cargo-bike,
one holding flowers
day 3482
plastic cup rattling,
creaking from some of the trees:
speaking for the wind

Troy’s Book Club: A Wrinkle In Time

December 2, 2017

Having heard lots of Twitter-chatter about the upcoming movie adaptation of A WRINKLE IN TIME, and how many women I knew who held great affection for the book, and yet I’d never even heard of it. I had to see what it was all about.

Turns out the thin novel by Madeleine L’Engle is about a young girl, her oddly mature younger brother, and a friend of hers, as they travel the universe trying to find her father who’s been missing for years. It’s a neat bit of whimsy, fantasy, hope and love, and learning to believe in yourself.

I will admit though, that I was a bit disappointed when I came to realize the book was more a “first chapter” in a few-book story, than a completely self-contained story. As I was reading and getting closer to the end, I was wondering, “wow, how is the author going to wrap this up?” and then suddenly the book was done.

I’ll probably go to see the movie when it comes out, just to see how it translates to the screen. Should be pretty neat, I think.

day 3480

December 2, 2017
day 3480
tonight’s reflection:
moonlight on water is an

day 3476/day 3477/day 3478/day 3479

December 2, 2017
day 3476
as I ran, I watched
the sunlight creep down the bluff,
bringing the morning
day 3477
his clothes were dirty,
he talked to himself, fidgeted,
seemed so very lost
day 3478
that nice morning run
is already a week past;
need to get moving
day 3479
pages of intent:
all sorts of exercise plans;
now to follow through.

day 3475

October 24, 2017
day 3475
returning felt good,
trail beneath my feet again,
cool rain a’falling.

day 3473/day 3474

October 17, 2017
day 3474
sat at the stoplight,
watching the wind’s evidence
in the nearby trees
day 3473
please, World, let me see
through the lens of gratitude;
every day, thankful.