day 3060

April 17, 2014

day 3060

the water was high;

I skirted the trail, climbing

through the fallen trees

and at the end

day 3059

April 16, 2014
Day 3059
in the tiki bar,
we changed clothes, took the stage, and
had a lotta fun

day 3058

April 14, 2014

day 3058

driving home last night,

saw sheets of cold rain, revealed

by the streetlights’ glow

day 3057

April 10, 2014
Day 3057
all I could wonder -
what a sight it must have been
to see such rocks rent

day 3056

April 9, 2014

day 3056

the sun was shining,

but too, there was wind, rain, and

waves crashing on rocks

day 3055

April 8, 2014
Day 3055
we stood quietly;
nearby, the deer grazed; the sun
was softly setting

day 3054

April 7, 2014

day 3054

the water droplets

fell from the paddle, wind blown,

and then touched my lips


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