day 3152/day 3153/day 3154

October 21, 2014

day 3152
I looked at the list,
kept thinking I could manage,
I could get it done


day 3153
I looked to the north,
and the clouds marching my way
were most ominous


day 3154
a trigger was pulled,
memories revisited,
and wounds reopened

day 3150

October 10, 2014

day 3150
don’t want to forget
how the lake shimmered that night
with moonlight raining

day 3149

October 6, 2014

day 3149
like so many boons,
her arrival surprised me;
the staying – too brief.

day 3148

October 6, 2014

day 3148
the list keeps growing,
and my progress doesn’t match
the increase in tasks

day 3147/day 3146/day 3145

September 29, 2014

day 3147
this job – not just pics -
but projecting confidence,

and building of trust


day 3146

the alarm buzzed loud,
I turned it off, “I’ll get up..”
woke an hour later

day 3145
dawn’s coming later,
and it’s harder to get up
in those dark mornings

day 3144

September 23, 2014
day 3144
a lot was transformed -
vacant to vegetables -
by the volunteers

and here’s the inspiration…

day 3143

September 22, 2014
day 3143
it’s still surprising
how easily memories
lead to waterworks


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