day 3179

December 15, 2014
day 3179
fingers entangled,
two hours to touch; the movie
is a fine excuse

day 3178

December 13, 2014
day 3178
fifteen days have passed,
and each day I’ve run some miles,
and done some thinking
see photos of me running

day 3175/day 3176

December 8, 2014

day 3175
all looking their best -
fringe, headbands, feathers and furs;
slacks, dress shoes, and vests

day 3176
drops of rain,clinging
to thin branches undersides,
on a cold, wet day

day 3174

December 5, 2014
day 3174
around the window,
morning light was describing
the spider’s efforts

day 3173

December 5, 2014
day 3173

it’s been many months

since we last spoke, yet my thoughts
turn to you often

day 3172

December 3, 2014
day 3172
I couldn’t help it -
reached over and hit the “snooze”
again and again

day 3171

December 2, 2014
day 3171
one moment, our eyes
made contact; not long after,
our lips also met


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