day 3065

April 23, 2014
Day 3065
 I just kept moving,

over sticks and rocks; trying

to steady my breath

day 3064

April 22, 2014
Day 3064
having to accept
that something is close, but not
close enough, is hard

day 3063

April 20, 2014
Day 3063
I lined up the bead,
tried to hold the gun steady,
and pulled the trigger


day 3061/day 3062

April 19, 2014
Day 3062
 I stepped out gently,

the branch bending ‘neath my weight,

then skipped to safety


Day 3061
I brought my face close
to the baby’s; watched his eyes
taking it all in

day 3060

April 17, 2014

day 3060

the water was high;

I skirted the trail, climbing

through the fallen trees

and at the end

day 3059

April 16, 2014
Day 3059
in the tiki bar,
we changed clothes, took the stage, and
had a lotta fun

day 3058

April 14, 2014

day 3058

driving home last night,

saw sheets of cold rain, revealed

by the streetlights’ glow


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