day 3141

September 15, 2014
day 3141
a thoughtless second
was all it took for the day
to completely change

day 3140

September 12, 2014
day 3140
another trailrun,
as a light rain was falling,
thought about Sunday

day 3139

September 10, 2014
day 3139
the rain was steady,
but warm; we jogged through the park,
comparing life notes
and afterwards, I made a pic of myself! :)

day 3137/day 3138

September 8, 2014
day 3138
“I don’t think we’ve met
in-person,” and she replied,
“we have – years ago.”
day 3137
morning thunderstorms -
dark clouds, lightning – where sunlight
normally resides

day 3136

September 1, 2014
day 3136
across space’s chasm,
filtered by the eastern trees,
the light, in my room

day 3135

August 28, 2014
day 3135
to the right of me,
in a small glass vase, flowers,
yellow, purple blooms

day 3134

August 27, 2014
day 3134
dust rose from the wood 
as it was thrown from the pile
onto the wagon


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