day 3147/day 3146/day 3145

September 29, 2014

day 3147
this job – not just pics -
but projecting confidence,

and building of trust


day 3146

the alarm buzzed loud,
I turned it off, “I’ll get up..”
woke an hour later

day 3145
dawn’s coming later,
and it’s harder to get up
in those dark mornings

day 3144

September 23, 2014
day 3144
a lot was transformed -
vacant to vegetables -
by the volunteers

and here’s the inspiration…

day 3143

September 22, 2014
day 3143
it’s still surprising
how easily memories
lead to waterworks

day 3142

September 19, 2014
day 3142
the piles get higher,
and I look around, trying
to decide what’s next

day 3141

September 15, 2014
day 3141
a thoughtless second
was all it took for the day
to completely change

day 3140

September 12, 2014
day 3140
another trailrun,
as a light rain was falling,
thought about Sunday

day 3139

September 10, 2014
day 3139
the rain was steady,
but warm; we jogged through the park,
comparing life notes
and afterwards, I made a pic of myself! :)


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